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Nuclear-powered birding

The shingle headland of Dungeness is really quite a strange place, dotted with fisherman's shacks, old nets and rusting anchors right alongside modern, sleek and shiny and hideously expensive glorified beach huts erected by business executives from London as weekend... Continue Reading →


Owl Encounters: Short-eared

Much like the Barn Owl, the Short-eared Owl is a cosmopolitan species that can be found across the globe, apart from the continents of Antarctica and Australia. In Britain, it is a species closely associated with open country - moors,... Continue Reading →

Summer and winter in two birds

I was very recently on the north Norfolk coast, a shifting, ever-evolving landscape unlike anywhere else in the British isles. One specific place which I visited was Holkham NNR, a curious place split into three distinct habitats; that of a... Continue Reading →

Owl Encounters: Barn

The Barn Owl, Tyto alba, is at one and the same time both beautiful and frightening, it creates conflicting emotions in the human psyche. A Barn Owl hunting over a meadow with a hunter's moon and a quaint farmhouse in the background... Continue Reading →

The 10 best wildlife sites in south-east England

Ask someone to say the first word that pops into their heads upon hearing the phrase 'south-east England' and chances are the responses will include 'overcrowded', 'busy', 'built-up', 'affluent', 'overpopulated', 'London conurbation' and maybe 'stressful' if it's someone who lives... Continue Reading →

Owl Encounters: Little

Of all the British owls, the Little Owl is the odd one out, it isn't a native species and yet we tolerate it unlike other alien organisms that have been foolishly brought to our shores. It is a very charismatic... Continue Reading →

Joys of Autumn Birding

And so the wheel of life turns once more; the great mass of birds which in spring arrived in the upper reaches of the northern hemisphere to produce as many offspring as possible during the glut of summer, are now... Continue Reading →

Owl Encounters: Tawny

There are five species of owl resident in the United Kingdom; the Barn, the Tawny, the Short-eared, the Long-eared and the Little, the last of which is not native. Owls as a group are largely nocturnal birds of prey that... Continue Reading →

A trio of butterflies

In the last few years I have been awakened to the attraction and fascination of moths, and I have found that in many ways they are of greater interest than their cousins the butterflies. Yet despite this, butterflies still hold... Continue Reading →

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