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Winter Walk up the Arun Valley

One day last summer I walked from Amberley station to Pulborough station through the Arun river valley. Almost all of the route was along the Wey-South path; which closely follows the long disused route of the Wey and Arun canal... Continue Reading →


Long Time No See – Redstart and a Duck

It was with no little horror that I gradually came to the realisation that I had not seen a single Goosander in four years. This depressing situation had to be rectified immediately, I could not possibly show my face at... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Day Sussex Bird Race

So here we go again! It's 07:50 on the morning of the 1st of January 2018 and John and I are standing at Selsey bill in West Sussex trying to spot our first birds of the day out on the... Continue Reading →

My wildlife highlights of 2017

Going back through my nature notes for the past year was quite pleasing, it set off memories of special moments and great experiences and I was pleased with how often I managed to get out, although it's never enough. The... Continue Reading →

Snow Buntings! …And other birds

The wintry breeze sliced through everything like a knife of ice, making even the bright rays from the sun seem cold. Three squat little figures were shuffling along with their heads down, hugging the ground in their search for morsels... Continue Reading →

Garden Visitors

It is winter - if you hadn't noticed - and sometimes a whole day can go by when not a bird stirs in the garden except the eternal Robin, which is so rarely not in the garden you would think... Continue Reading →

My December Webs Survey

Since early 2015 I have been voluntarily undertaking the local monthly wetland bird survey (Webs) for the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). This involves counting all of the waterbird species (and some other species) that are using Worth park pond... Continue Reading →

The Mistle Thrush Sings

A November morning, with wolf-grey clouds flowing overhead and the north wind gently blowing through the land, encrusting the leaf-strewn ground with frost and sending the magpies a-chackering through the naked trees in protest at the cold. The sun takes... Continue Reading →

If only birding was always like this…

A personal goal of mine, more of a vague wish really, is to see all of the British breeding bird species, and probably all the regular wintering ones too. Largely because I'm a bit of a completionist, but also because... Continue Reading →

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