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Wild Highlights from Devon

There are worse places to be at the end of July than the South Hams in Devon, especially if you're into nature like I am (in case you hadn't noticed). Perhaps the greatest attraction to this area of the world... Continue Reading →


A successful seawatch in Devon

John and I have never had much success at seawatching in the past, in fact it has become something of a joke with us, so much so that whenever we decide to give it another go we consider seeing even... Continue Reading →

Pan-species listing – is it worth it?

So I am currently in the process of compiling a UK pan-species list for myself, for those who aren't aware of what such a thing is then let me enlighten you. Basically, it is one great big huge list of... Continue Reading →

Dragonflies – a ditch full of jewels

Last week, when the summer sun shone its full heat over the land, I went for a walk in the country. I decided to start my walk at one end of a little crease in the calcite battlements that are... Continue Reading →

The blight of council lawn-mowers

Town councils, on the whole (certainly not mine), are hardly renowned for their care and appreciation of the natural world that exists within their boundary of authority. Granted, councils have a lot on their plate and increasingly less money to... Continue Reading →

Nightjars: the least boring birds in Britain

It can be easy sometimes, particularly for people who don't have an ardent interest in nature, to see the animals living around us today as 'boring'. I know that some people look back on the fossil record, at all the... Continue Reading →

Why I love Summer…

I may profess to love all seasons equally, and whilst I do find something in each turn of the year to admire, I have to admit that it is summer that rocks my boat, baby. This is for the very... Continue Reading →

Why Brambles are brilliant

Bramble, briar, thorn-bush, blackberry, Rubus fruticosus; all names for a widespread and vigorous plant with arching stems coated in needle-sharp thorns whose success as a species has brought it into regular conflict with gardeners and conservationists alike. This is a... Continue Reading →

A day-trip to Minsmere

Minsmere is a large RSPB reserve on the Suffolk coast, made famous when Springwatch was based there for three years. This is a site that I have visited before on several occasions and although it can be very busy, it is undoubtedly... Continue Reading →

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