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My name is Elliot, I am 25 years old, I live in Sussex, P1010368England and I’m a keen amateur naturalist. I currently work as an editor and content writer for the Cloud Appreciation Society and I do the same on a voluntary basis for New Nature magazine. This is my personal blog, which acts as a portfolio of my writing and is an outlet for my passion for wildlife. I post on any and all nature-related subjects from my birding outings to comment on nature conservation, including book reviews and the odd bit about wildlife art. I have been obsessed with nature for as long as I can remember and every aspect of it interests me; whether it is a bird, beetle, fungus, moth or mouse I love to write about it all. I hope my blog is of some interest to you, and if it is then please do like and subscribe and you can also follow me on social media. Thanks for visiting!