Hello readers, just a quick one to let you know about two pieces of blog-related news. As you will know from this blog I have a great interest in wildlife and books, but another of my major interests is in film. Watching films and going to the cinema are amongst my favourite things to do and I have a great appreciation for the films that I like, especially the artistry involved. So I have just set up a new blog where I can review and talk about both my existing favourite films and new films I see in the cinema, there will be stuff about TV shows in there as well and other content such as looking at movie poster art.

The site is called ‘Otherworlds of Film’ and can be found by going to this link:


The first post is a list of some of my top fave films and TV shows to give you an idea of the sort of films I will be writing about, I hope to shortly publish my first review of one of those films on the list and another for the hit Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’ that I am currently watching. If any of my current followers share my interest in film and like the look of the blog then I would be hugely grateful for your support, thank you!

The other thing is some changes to Wildlife and Words, as it stands I have inadvertently restricted my writing on this blog by sticking rigidly to doing the one main post on every Thursday and the Species of the Week post on Mondays. This is mostly to do with my slight OCD about having everything in a specific order and pattern. But that is going to change – there will still be one main post each Thursday, but I am dropping Species of the Week after number 20 and will instead be allowing myself to publish random shorter posts on any day of the week. These posts will be on anything that I happen to want to write about – this will probably be wildlife sightings for the most part, or little thoughts that aren’t detailed enough for a full-length post. Hopefully this will mean more content, especially nature sightings.

However, I have decided to change the theme (appearance) of the blog in order to best display these shorter posts, so this change will happen sometime next week after the last Species of the Week post. I hope that this change will make the blog more user-friendly, but do let me know in the comments what your thoughts are. Thanks again to all my loyal readers, your support is much appreciated!