Sort of, I haven’t actually got my own whole book published, but I do have an entire two and a half pages of stuff I’ve written published in an anthology book. The book in question is titled simply ‘Spring’, edited by Melissa Harrison and published by Elliott & Thompson – it’s being released on the 18th of this month.

In short the book is a compilation of literature both old and new, by dead and living writers, on the subject of everyone’s favourite season (not my favourite by the way, but the majority is obvious). So it’s full of famous poetry by people such as Robert Browning and Shakespeare, as well as more descriptive and factual writings by people such as Gilbert White, Stephen Moss and H.E. Bates.

This opportunity came up when the Wildlife Trusts who are collaborating on this book series (there will be one for each season) asked for submissions from their staff and members. So I pitched my idea, they liked it, so I wrote it and sent it off – a bit of editing here and there and it was done! I don’t get a penny but I am privileged to be involved with this book, there is no reward like seeing ones name in print in a lovely little book such as this.

As you can see from the picture this is a quality bit of printing, not some cheap rubbish, it has a dust cover made of textured paper and delicate illustrations throughout. I do hope that anyone interested will support the Wildlife Trusts and the publishers by purchasing a copy when it is released – it’s easy to read, not too long and sums up the wildlife experiences of spring in lovely prose from a great range of writers.