I only started writing this blog at the end of September this year, since then I have written thirty-seven posts on a variety of topics. Seeing as this is the last post of the year I thought it would be nice to look back at all those small articles I have posted so far. Also a lot of my lovely new followers won’t be aware of some of my earlier posts so this is a great time to rifle through the archives. I have chosen two posts from each of my categories – one that had the most likes and the one with the most views (not necessarily the same); they all have links so don’t be shy – go have a read!

Finally I am going to crown the post that I think I enjoyed writing the most (rhyming not intended) this is rather telling for a writer when you really loved writing something as it shows that it just ticked all the boxes for what you like and are passionate about. So I choose my short story ‘Claimed by the Wild‘. See you in the New Year!