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B.W.J. – Jack Snipe don’t exist.

In birding you can only anticipate the birds you are going to see so much - for example if you go birding in a woodland you have a good idea of the range of species you will see there. You... Continue Reading →

A little wild moment

I came across some wild things today, going about their lives amidst the bustle of the human-sculpted landscape we live in. They were wild birds; a flock of 15 Redwing, some Starlings and two Great-spotted Woodpeckers, they looked as though... Continue Reading →

Memories of a walk

I went for a walk recently up on the South Downs, it was predominantly a birding expedition, although it was in an area with beautiful views in all directions and the weather was sublime for the time of year. I... Continue Reading →

Scientific bird names

All known organisms on Earth are given a binomial scientific name, consisting of a generic name (which assigns the organism to a genus) and a specific name which is unique to that species of organism. These names are always written... Continue Reading →

Birding with John: Snipe & Serin

On Sunday last, John and I headed down to Newhaven Tide-mills on the east coast of Sussex; despite it not being a nature reserve it is a decent bit of scrubby, reedy, rough land with a creek and some ruins... Continue Reading →

Lost bird names

It is difficult these days to imagine this country being so connected to nature that each county could have its own folk-names for the wild animals that lived alongside us humans. We people are now so removed (in our heads)... Continue Reading →

Waxwings at last!

It has been a little frustrating so far this winter for us birders all the way down south here in Sussex, for we have been hearing of the great flocks of hundreds of Waxwings up north in Scotland and Northern... Continue Reading →

A resolution: go somewhere new

Birders, and to a lesser extent wildlife enthusiasts in general, have a strong tendency to bias when it comes to the places we visit when looking for birds. The map on the home-page of Birdtrack showing submitted records reveals a... Continue Reading →

Sussex Bird Race 2017

So it is a bit of a tradition for John and I to go out birding on New Year's day, partly because it gives us an entire day out for once, but also to get our year off to a... Continue Reading →

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