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What is a Tit really?

Blue, Coal, Great, Marsh, Willow, Crested, Long-tailed, and Bearded - Britain's titmice are among the most familiar, colourful and well-loved of all the country's birds. Who doesn't love to watch Blue Tits performing acrobatics on the feeders? Or watch the... Continue Reading →


Purple on the Pier: a trip to Newhaven

When you're new to birding it can take a while to realise that a lot of English bird names are nonsense. Mute Swans aren't mute, Black-headed Gulls have brown heads, Common Gulls aren't common, Marsh Tits live in woodland, Barnacle... Continue Reading →

Dawn birding by the river

The train slid through the night like a luminous caterpillar. The carriages rattled, the rails sparked. I peered out of the window; the shape of the approaching downland ridge was just an ink-black bulk against the purple-black canvas of the... Continue Reading →

Winter birds in stubble and hedge

A west wind was blowing, teasing its way through the bare treetops and carrying on its back a wide band of cold, cluttered clouds full of intent. I knew it would rain before long, so I hurried my pace. My... Continue Reading →

A birding trip to the middle-east (of Sussex)

Birding in winter can be very rewarding, there's usually lots of fab birds to see. The trade-off is that pretty much every time you go out you will have to put up with the generally awful and unpredictable British weather.... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on a birders perception of beauty in birds

Last Friday I had several great wildlife moments whilst on a walk around a West Sussex heathland. The first was getting a glimpse of two Woodlarks, a scarce breeding species, as they flew up from the heather in front of... Continue Reading →

Winter Walk up the Arun Valley

One day last summer I walked from Amberley station to Pulborough station through the Arun river valley. Almost all of the route was along the Wey-South path; which closely follows the long disused route of the Wey and Arun canal... Continue Reading →

Long Time No See – Redstart and a Duck

It was with no little horror that I gradually came to the realisation that I had not seen a single Goosander in four years. This depressing situation had to be rectified immediately, I could not possibly show my face at... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Day Sussex Bird Race

So here we go again! It's 07:50 on the morning of the 1st of January 2018 and John and I are standing at Selsey bill in West Sussex trying to spot our first birds of the day out on the... Continue Reading →

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